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College Guidance

College Planning Calendar


  1. Set up a list of courses you want to take as preparation for college: core courses – English, math, science, history, language – AP, honors, and courses of personal interest. All your grades count from now on.
  2. Set up a list of extracurricular activities, including sports, for the school year as well as the summer.
  3. PSATs (8/9) in October.
  4. Consider a study skills course.
  5. Summer reading list.
  6. Investigate summer programs or jobs.


  1. Update list of course and extracurricular activities for rest of high school.
  2. Check on possibilities of taking AP and honors courses.
  3. Take PSAT
  4. Take SAT Preparatory Course during the summer if possible.



  1. Buy desk calendar to note important dates and set your own targets for action.
  2. Set aside desk drawer or file for college application materials: catalogues, papers, copies of documents, receipts and notes of phone calls.
  3. Attend College Night at Aquinas Academy.


  1. Take PSAT
  2. Make sure you know your social security number.


  1. Make up a preliminary list of colleges you would like to attend. Have some colleges in each of the categories: reach, probable, likely.
  2. Request information from all colleges in your preliminary list. Politely ask for and write down the name of the person you talked to in the admissions office. It makes for easier follow up. Keep a record of any “action” on a piece of paper. Keep a piece of paper for each college on your preliminary list. Keep a folder for each one of these colleges in your desk drawer or file folder.
  3. Start looking for a good summer job. Christmas break is a good time to do this.


  1. Through school guidance counselor and college Financial Aid offices, begin educating yourself about financial aid possibilities.
  2. Look into ROTC programs if you are interested.

March – April

  1. Take SAT 1 exam.
  2. Try to visit as many colleges in your preliminary list as possible.
  3. Identify teachers, counselors and employers for possible letters of recommendation.
  4. Try to attend at least one college fair.


  1. Take AP examinations.
  2. Read local newspapers to find out what local, civic, and cultural organizations give financial aid to graduating seniors.


  1. Work on essays by looking at the college's application from the previous year or this year's.
  2. Visit more colleges.
  3. Prepare personal resume to give to teachers when asking for recommendations.



  1. Ask for and review all applications forms. Some applications have two parts where you need to send in Part I and get Part II.
  2. SAT: The deadline for the October SAT is in early September.
  3. SAT II’s: Check with colleges you are applying to regarding which tests they require.
  4. Work hard in school. Colleges will look at your most recent grades first.


  1. Ask teachers for recommendations.
  2. Check for financial aid opportunities: school counselor, library, private groups, state, federal, and local programs.
  3. Fill out Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – ASAP, first come, first served.
  4. Fill out applications for Early Action and some Honors Colleges – check your schools’ deadlines.


  1. Fill out applications for Early Decision.


  1. Start looking for a good summer job.
  2. Hear decisions on Early Action Schools and Early Decision Schools.


  1. Traditional deadline for applications to most competitive colleges for Regular Action.


  1. Prepare for the AP examinations in all your courses.


  1. Carefully review financial aid notices from colleges. Look at how much of your need is covered, not how much they offer.
  2. Ask for advice if you have to put down a non-refundable deposit before you hear from all colleges.


  1. If wait-listed by a college: call, visit, and write. Ask what else you can do. Perhaps they will consider additional recommendations.
  2. AP exams.
  3. Make a final decision (May 1st).
  4. Accept Financial Aid package.
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